Paul Dirkse, a native of The Netherlands, was born and educated in The Hague. Paul was a dreamer during his school years, dreaming of travel and adventure in places he had only read about in books and seen on TV. No one was surprised when, at 15 years old, Paul bought himself a backpack and hitchhiked his way to the south of France. He later made his way to Israel where he lived and worked on a Kibbutz. After making friends with a number of Americans, he decided to try his luck "State Side." His adventure continued in America and on to Canada, where Paul tried his hand at various jobs. Paul's next move was to Asia where his lifelong love of art started. While residing in Asia, he managed his own business exporting original Asian artwork and sculpture into Europe.

Paul is a self-taught artist. He works with acrylics and oils, and is constantly experimenting with new styles and methods. Paul believes that his best work comes without planning, but from the impulse of the moment. In his own words: "True beauty cannot happen without a touch of magic, and perhaps a little help from the heavens…"

If you are interested in viewing Paul's artwork, please contact him to arrange a personal viewing in your own home. Paul can bring you a selection of paintings with no obligation. He can also help you select a professional frame for your paintings.

Paul has been commissioned by many personal clients to paint individual pieces of art. If you are self-employed and/or have a home-based office, art is generally is tax-detuctable item.